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We have had an exciting 40th anniversary year at LAHS and have great plans for the coming year! We added 25 new members this past year who will enjoy the benefits of that planning. Our efforts have also been recognized by the Georgia Historical Society as Affiliate of the Year for 2019! None of this could have been accomplished without our wonderful and dedicated Board of Directors and Officers. Harriet Roberson, Secretary, and Yvonne Carter, Treasurer, asked to “throw in the towel” last year. Even though their tireless efforts will be missed in those positions, a new Secretary, Paul Nix, and new Treasurer, Jeanne Hawkins, have been elected. Four Board Members were added: Wheeler Bryan, Jr., is new. Linda Daniels, Aimee Gaddis, and Martha Martin are returning.
Last year we assisted with putting up, publicizing, and dedicating the Weeping Time historical marker on Butler Island, paid for 3 underprivileged children to attend the Fort King George Junior Ranger Camp, awarded our $1,000 scholarship to Kameron Francis, helped Ashantilly with a book signing for Buddy Sullivan, and enjoyed a field trip to Boys Estate Elizafield Plantation (Morning Star).
Dr. Richard Jefferies of the University of Kansas started the year with his presentation of the findings of the Caldwell excavations of Fort King George (Santo Domingo de Talaje mission) from 1940-50, including where artifacts are actually found on the grounds and location of buildings. This work was especially important to this community because the Caldwells never actually completed a summary of their excavations. Dr. Jefferies’ relationship with LAHS has also grown to include inviting volunteers to assist him in his search for Mission San Joseph de Sapala this summer on Sapelo Island. We hope to make this an annual event in the future!
A short list of presentations from last year are: July 2018 – Annual picnic; August – Margie B. Washington, Gullah-Geechee Butler Island slave descendant; September – Aimee Gaddis, The Kit Jones/Sapelo Island ferry; October – Donald McDonald Johnson, Lachlan McIntosh in American Revolution; November – “Shifting Baselines,” a film history of Georgia’s commercial fishing industry; December – Annual Christmas party and eggnog; January 2019 – Paul Nix family trip to the Scottish Highlands; February – Wilson D. Moran, tracing lineage to Sierra Leone and trip there; March – The Georgia Historical Society’s historical marker program by Elise Butler, Marker Manager for the state; April – World War II Home Front Museum with site manager, Kim Campbell; May – “Digging for History,” with Fort Frederica’s Archaeologist, Michael Seibert; and June – the architecture of Hog Hammock on Sapelo with Megan McCarthy.
If you have any comments, suggestions, ideas for presentations, or any input at all, I would love to hear them! You can reach me at any time on my cell at (912) 242-1668 or email me at

Wes Tippins