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2012-2013 Activities

PRESIDENTS Annual Report

Another year has passed so quickly it is difficult to realize that it is time for the annual report. We have had an excellent year at LAHS with programs, field trips, and socials. One of the great benefits of LAHS memberships, in addition to learning about the history of coastal Georgia, is meeting and enjoying the friendship of our members. We always welcome new members to join this fellowship. The before-the-meeting meals at B&JíS also provide an occasion to catch up on the events occurring in our membersí lives.

The officers, board members and committee chairpersons all did a superb job again this year. All of the club members appreciate the work they do, and I offer a sincere "thank you" for your dedication to LAHS. A special thank you goes to Howard Klippel for continuing to find interesting and informative speakers for our programs. This requires a lot of investigating and follow-up, and he is a master at it.

Our programs and activities started in June 2012 with our summer picnic at Fort King Georgia. The meal was delicious and the fellowship was great. In July 2012 Peter Mullen presented a program on Civil War medicine. It was truly amazing to observe the practice of medicine during the Civil War years. It became obvious that medical knowledge has made great progress in the last 150 years. Mr. Mullen is a member of the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels. In August, Charles Seabrook presented a program from his new book, "The World of the Salt Marsh." This book looks at the ecological significance of the marshes, habitat for sea creatures and erosion protection. Our location in Darien near Sapelo Sound and the Darien River made this a very interesting program. September brought Dr. Marshall P. "Mark" Waters presenting an interesting program entitled "Whatever Happened to the Confederate Gold." The Confederate treasury was estimated to be worth $10 million dollars in todayís value. Mark had to come back in April 2013 to finish the story. Unfortunately, all the gold is gone now, after having been dispersed to pay troops and other expenses. Some may have drifted into the pockets of unscrupulous people.

In October 2012 our own Buddy Sullivan had a very interesting program on the "Life, Labor and Landscape on the Georgia Coast." His presentation was very interesting, as usual. He is so knowledgeable about coastal Georgia history. Buddy is the author of numerous books about Coastal Georgia and state history. Novemberís program was "Show and Tell." This is always a great time to see and hear what treasures and heirlooms our members have. We always have interesting displays.

The LAHS Christmas celebration in December was a great success, as always. Belvedere Plantation was decorated in traditional holiday fashion. The food and fellowship was excellent. Dr. Peter Mullen returned in January 2013 with another interesting program on "Civil War Feuds: A Family Tradition." Unfortunately, many families experienced divided loyalties during that tragic war. It was interesting to hear him tell about many of the family events during that time. The story of John C. Fremont, a Savannah native, was presented in February. Fremontís expeditions in the American West, dealing with the Spanish and Indians, was most interesting. A recent book I read about Kit Carson, Fremontís chief scout, highlights the importance of Fremontís expeditions in uniting our nation from sea to sea.

Dr. Kevin Kiernan cam in March to present a program on "Archaeology on the Lower Altamaha." Tabby ruins in the northern section of Glynn County proved to be very interesting. In May, Jim Jordan returned with the remarkable story of "A Confederate Revenge: Gazaway

Lamar defeats the Yankees." Mr. Lamarís legal battles to receive payment for his cotton taken by the Union Army in Savannah were very interesting. "Shermanís March Through Georgia" was presented by Dr. Stephen Berry of the University of Georgia in June. He presented interesting information and insights of what occurred during that infamous march through Georgiaís heartland. This was part of the "Burning of Darien" commemoration held in June 2013 to mark the 150th anniversary of this event.

Numerous field trips were enjoyed during the year. The Charleston Tea Plantation and the Cumberland Island "Lands and Legacy Tour" were both excellent as well as the trip to the Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens/Bamboo Garden and Skidaway Aquarium. Thank you to Harriet Roberson for arranging these. It was a great year, and I look forward to the coming year. May the Lordís blessings be with you all.

Jack F. Godfrey