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Ongoing efforts on Butler Island


The application for the Weeping Time Light Commemorative Programming 2022 has been awarded a grant of $2500. The Georgia Humanities Grant will support 6 tours in the fall and spring on Butler Island, led by descendants Eunice Moore and Griffin Lotson, and also 2 additional programs, one with Joseph McGill and the Slave Dwelling Project, which brings awareness and advocacy to African American history on historic sites, and a genealogy workshop to be held in the spring.

Project Details and Schedule


Also awarded is the MK Pentecost Grant, an ecology fund established through the Savannah Presbytery for the application of the Butler Island Ecological Sensitive Solar Light Installation and Signage for the amount of $2250. For the 2021 March Weeping Time Commemorative, local volunteers Eunice Moore and Missy Brandt Wilson originated the idea to place 436 solar lights for each of the enslaved listed for sale during the national event March 2-3, 1859, which would come to be known as the Weeping Time. The MK Pentecost grant will enable a more permanent ecologically friendly installation on Butler Island.

Project Details and Schedule